Sinbad Bitcoin Mixer Review

This Sinbad mixer review will be the most honest, unbiased, and transparent review of the mixer you’ll ever see.

This Bitcoin-only mixer has brought some of the most desirable and appealing features any mixer can offer.

Of course, it may or may not be for you. That’s what this review will help you decide.

New to Bitcoin mixing? I’ve included a few security tips next you should follow. These will help even the most novice mixers attain maximum security.

Sinbad Bitcoin Mixer – An Eagle’s eye view

Here’s what the mixer is offering so far:

  • Privacy versions: A website on the clearnet as well as Tor.
  • Fee: You control the fee; the minimum is set at 0.5%.
  • Addresses: As many as 8 output addresses!
  • Time delays: You control the time delay for every single output.
  • Funds: The amount of funds in each address can be manually set.
  • UI: Extremely easy, slider-based interface.

How do you use the Sinbad Mixer Anonymously and Securely?

Sinbad is pretty secure by itself! However, if you take just a few precautions, you’ll be completely invisible.

So, here’s how to best access Sinbad to make sure nothing is linked back to you:

  • Always use Sinbad’s Tor version even though it has a clearnet version.
  • Always use a VPN even though you’re accessing Sinbad via Tor. Tor is good, just not invincible.
  • Optional: If you use a good VPN (g NordVPN), go for the safest protocol. NordVPN offers dark web-optimized servers called “Onion over VPN” servers.
  • Use the maximum number of addresses for your outputs.
  • Use very long and randomized delays for your outputs.
  • It’s best if you create your output wallets on many different Bitcoin wallets instead of creating all the wallets on a single app.
  • Never pay for a service/website directly from the mixer. Always first receive the funds in your own wallet.
  • Randomize your fee. Going for the cheapest price isn’t the best method when mixing coins.
  • Legal disclaimer

Sinbad mixer is a legal mixing service. As in, their act of taking your coins and giving you clean coins in return isn’t illegal.

However, this article doesn’t encourage or support any illegal acts, including mixing illegally obtained funds.

You’re solely responsible for your unclean, as well as clean funds. Where you got them and how you use them is your sole responsibility.

You are solely responsible for any and all of your actions.

  • 8 output addresses

What is this: This is the number of addresses to your coins that can be sent for each transaction.

Sinbad offers a maximum of 8 output addresses.

Why this matters:  This is the most important aspect of your mix. First, it lets you break your deposit into many different parts. But more importantly, it lets you attach many other privacy features to your coins. If you only use one address, you can not avail some additional features that we will discuss next.

Real-life example: I’m a mixer, and you’re a client. You give me $100.00. I will give you your $100.00 back but not in a single account. Instead, I send $10.00 to your account A, $50.00 to your account B, and $40 to account C.

Sinbad vs. other mixers: most other mixers I’ve used allow 5-8 addresses. I’ve sure seen 10 addresses but it’s still not common.

  • Time-delays

What is this: This is the time gap between your deposit getting confirmed on Sinbad and Sinbad sending out your clean coins.

Why this matters: If you allow a gap between your deposit and the clean output, it’s harder to link the two transactions together, isn’t it? The more addresses you use, the more delays you can add = the more anonymity.

Real-life example: You send your unclean $100.00 to my account. I send you your $100.00 back but not instantly, rather I send them after 6 hours. This is better than me sending you $100.00 as soon as I got your $100.00 unclean deposit in my account, isn’t it?

Sinbad vs. other mixers: Sinbad lets you control the delay for every single address. Most other mixers do not. On Sinbad, you can choose the delay independently and individually for every address which makes it very impressive.

  • Fund allocation

What is this:  This is a feature which lets you control the exact amount you’ll receive in each of your receiving addresses.

Why this matters:  For starters, you get control. If you’re using wallets from different providers, you get to specify exactly how much funds go to each wallet. Applies even to wallets from the same provider. Also, if you’re manually controlling this, you get to randomize it according to your will.

Real-life example: Remember how I was sending funds to your accounts A/B/C and so on? This feature lets you tell me how much money you want in address A/B/C specifically.

Sinbad vs. other mixers: It’s not a unique feature. A lot of mixers offer equal control. However, there are many who don’t. They will either equally split the total funds for each address, or randomize it automatically. Sinbad’s approach is obviously the best.

  • Manual Fee

What’s this: This is the amount Sinbad charges for each transaction. So, you always receive less than what you send in.

Sinbad lets you choose the fee you want to pay! It charges a 0.5% minimum for each transaction but you can increase it if you want to. There’s also a 0.0001BTC fee for every extra address that you use.

Why this matters: It determines the “speed” at which your transaction will be processed. Increasing/changing the fee increases your anonymity.

Sinbad vs. other mixers: The fee is exactly what most other mixers are charging. The “per address” fee too is at industry standard. However, very few mixers let you “control” the fee, Sinbad does so that gets it the edge.

  • Clearnet + Tor Versions

Website:                   Tor Link: http://sinbadiovkigdbafpqvwfwjh2tfrisahtxmrskiovt62nirragcnkcad.onion/

What’s this: Clearnet is the normal internet you visit using normal browsers. Tor websites can only be accessed using a Tor browser.

Sinbad has both a clearnet version as well as a clearnet version.

Why this matters: Clearnet websites (the ones you access using Google Chrome/ Firefox or most other browsers) are 100% transparent. They know almost everything about you and aren’t private. Tor websites do not know anything about you because Tor changes both your IP addresses, as well as digital fingerprints.

Sinbad vs. other mixers: Most mixers only offer a Tor version for privacy. However, offering a clearnet version increases trust (because these websites can be easily traced by if a mixer tries to scam us). You should totally use the Tor version however the clearnet version does increase Sinbad’s rep.

  • Other noteworthy features

There are a few features that definitely deserve a mention in this Sinbad mixer review.

  • Letter of Guarantee: Not all mixers provide a LoG. They should. The LoG is a digital document that’s signed using PGP. In other words, Sinbad can not refuse the legitimacy of the document. The document proves that you did make your deposit and if Sinbad refuses to pay, this can be used against them.
  • Mixing code: You’d notice this code on the page that displays the deposit address. This code is never used on your first-ever Sinbad mix. It’s always for the “next mix”. On your next mix, it will tell Sinbad exactly which coins in their pool are from your previous mix. It then doesn’t send those coins to you on your next mixes.
  • Minimum deposit: Most mixers have a minimum deposit limit, Sinbad is no different. It requires that all deposits be at least 0.001 BTC.
  • Maximum deposit: Currently, Sinbad claims to be capable of mixing up to 103BTC+. Obviously, this is a claim we haven’t independently verified.
  • Deposit address validity: Each deposit address Sinbad displays you is valid for 24 hours. You can note the address, close your browser window and make the payment using any browser, at any time within the 24-hour time frame.

Sinbad mixer review- Final verdict

So, what do I personally think of Sinbad? It’s one of the best mixers in the industry as of today.

The statement above is based on its 8 output addresses, the control I get over delays and funds, the low minimum limits, and the very traditional fee.

It certainly has room for improvement. However, there are no flaws so far that would make me avoid the mixer.

Just be sure to follow the security tips and legal disclaimer mentioned at the beginning of this Sinbad review and you should be fine.