FoxMixer Review – Best Crypto Laundry Service

FoxMixer review 2021: Is this the best Bitcoin mixer in the industry? Well, that’s what you  can decide once you go through this piece.

I do not pass verdicts. I’ll only walk you through all the features and problems the mixer offers.  Once you understand all its aspects, you can decide on your own if it is or isn’t worth your time.

Either way, if you’re someone who uses, or wants to use a mixer, the least I can assure you is that this FoxMixer review won’t be a waste of your time.

Let’s get in then?

FoxMixer overview

FoxMixer brings some of the most unique features I’ve seen with a Bitcoin mixer. That’s one of the primary reasons why I decided to get this FoxMixer review out.

Here’s an overview:

Let’s get you a more detailed insight then?

IP-Masking (Transaction Origin Randomization)

This is a feature I’m seeing for the first time. I’ve used over two dozen mixers and never seen this being offered. (It’s one of the reason why I said earlier in this FoxMixer review that it’s a more technologically advanced mixer).

So, Blockchain analysis can to some extent trace the origin server/IP address of a broadcasted transaction.

To counter this, FoxMixer uses a global network of broadcast servers to broadcast each output. So, each payout originates from a different IP address.

This offers you more privacy and anonymity  than most other mixers which are void of the feature.

Deep Mempool Analysis

This is the second reason why it’s a more advanced mixer. Again, this is the first time I’m seeing the feature on a Bitcoin mixer.

Again, Blockchain analysis can be used to track patterns based on transaction volume. Imagine you want 1BTC cleaned, but at that time only 0.3 BTC transactions are happening. Your transaction of 1BTC will draw more attention, wouldn’t it?

So, FoxMixer monitors the mempool for transaction sizes. When it sees transactions which are closer to your mix amount, only then your mix is processed so it camouflages perfectly with the other transactions.

They explain this better with a graphic:

Is FoxMixer available on the onion network?

This is one of the reasons I said it’s one of the most anonymous mixers in the industry.

Not many Bitcoin mixers offer .onion accessibility, FoxMixer does! You can access the mixer over Tor on- http://foxmixer4dw2zluv7gy4pgqrpp2ab6p323s5clcyt7i5csbpk2pzezid.onion/

I’m confident most of you on this FoxMixer review are familiar with Tor benefits. In the simplest of words, it encrypts your connection and hides your real IP address.

Obviously, you can also use a reputed VPN with verified no-log policy such as NordVPN on top of Tor for more anonymity.


FoxMixer has an UI that may look different however it’s similar to what I’ve seen multiple times in the industry.

So, it’s a slider-based mixer (my favourite).

You simply enter your payout addresses, and use the sliders to configure the time delays and fund-distribution.

The “+” button can be used to include additional payout addresses for your mix.

It’s obviously very easy to use in general. There’s no learning-curve and no special skills are required either.

Does FoxMixer support time-delays?

Time-delays are one of the most basic yet most effective anonymity techniques out there.

They create a gap between your initial deposit, and the time when you receive the payout.

This makes it harder to link your deposit to the output that you receive. On FoxMixer, you can set the time-delay for each address individually. This is impressive because I’ve seen mixers which allow delays but not for each individual address.

The delays are completely controlled by you. They can be a minimum delay of 2 hours and the maximum can be 48 hours. You can use the slider to increase or decrease the delay.

Do note that on top of the delay set by you, the mixer needs 6 confirmations for all deposits. Unless 6 confirmations are recorded (which they will in almost all cases), the coins are still held back even if your delay period is reached.

How many output addresses does FoxMixer support?

This again is something that boosts anonymity on a mixer. Output addresses are basically the addresses where the mixer sends you your clean coins.

FoxMixer supports a total of 3 output addresses. This means each unclean input can be broken down into three separate outputs.

This has multiple benefits. First, you get 3 different transactions instead of just 1. As a result, the amount for each output varies from your actual deposit. This de-links your deposit to these outputs and makes them harder to track.

Then, you can add different delays to each address as I explained earlier which further adds anonymity.

Does FoxMixer allow custom fund-distribution?

Most mixers out there do not allow “manual control” over fund-distribution. Meaning, in most cases with other mixers you can’t control the amount of funds you wish to receive in each address.

In those cases,  the mixer either randomizes the amounts for each address, or divides the funds equally for all addresses.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with FoxMixer. On FoxMixer, you get to manually select the amount of funds for each output address.

What’s unique is, if you click on the “wrench” icon, FoxMixer gives you two choices:

  • Relative payout distribution

E.g. if you’re mixing 1BTC, you could sent 50%  (0.5BTC) to one address, 20% (0.2BTC) to another and 30%  (0.3) to the last address. Each individual transaction looks completely different from the 1BTC initial deposit, doesn’t it?

  • Absolute payout distribution

If you select this, you don’t have to choose a “percent”. Rather, you can enter the exact amount of funds you want for each address.

What is the minimum and maximum allowed mixing amount?

The smallest and biggest possible mixes are certainly of importance, aren’t they?

For now, the minimum mix amount is 0.002BTC.  Now, I’ve seen mixers offer even lower limits so while it’s not “the lowest I’ve ever seen”, it’s still pretty low and acceptable, isn’t it?

As for the maximum possible mix, it’s currently set at 200BTC. I’m pretty confident none of you reading this FoxMixer review are trying to mix more than that, are you? (Seriously, are you?)

Does FoxMixer provide a Letter of Guarantee?

It does, and that’s good news.

This PGP-signed letter can be downloaded on the payment page, and be used to verify the address legitimacy. In other words, it’s your proof that you deposited funds owned and controlled by ForMixer.

Do you get your own coins back in your future mixes?

That would be a nightmare, right? You getting your own previously deposited coins as new coins during your next mix.

Fortunately, that doesn’t happen on FoxMixer. You get a “mixer code” with each mix. You can enter this when you next mix your coins. This tells the mixers which coins were earlier deposited by the same person, and it doesn’t send them as a part of this new output.

How much fee does FoxMixer charge? Is it controlled by you?

This is an aspect on this FoxMixer review which could be improved.

For starters, the fee is set at 1%. While it’s not unbearable, I’ve seen cheaper mixers. But then again, FoxMixer offers all this tech which most mixers don’t so I guess that’s acceptable.

However, the fact that I can’t control the fee sure hurts.

On top of the 1% fee, there’s a 0.0007BTC fee for each additional address that you use. This is pretty standard and I don’t have any complaints here.

No logs policy

There really isn’t much to say here.

The mixer doesn’t keep any logs permanently. There’s no personal information required for mixing either.

That means there’s no way to trace the unclean deposit, or the clean output back to your personally.

FoxMixer review- Final verdict

Is FoxMixer the best Bitcoin mixer out there? I wouldn’t say so. However, it’s totally one of the best in the industry.

Its onion access and no-log policy make it anonymous, the fee is affordable, and advanced IP masking and mempool analysis further add to your anonymity.

The other standard features such as time-delays and fund-distribution too are user-controlled and hence desirable.

Only things I’d change? Make the fee user-controlled, and add more addresses. However, even with the current features, I’d rate it a 4/5 to conclude this FoxMixer review.